Saturday, February 28, 2009


Just watched the DVD "Ghost Town" and I really enjoyed it. Ricky Gervais is hilarious. This movie has an unusually good soundtrack and includes "I'm Looking Through You". One of the very few times a Beatles song actually by the Beatles and not a cover has been in a movie.

"sideways" by Citizen Cope is in it also. I had only been familiar with the version of the song on the Santana album "Shaman". I like the original version without the Santana overkill much better. So here tis.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Nashville Music

I live in Nashville and it's unbelievable how many great musicians, writers, singers and whatnot are here. People who came to Nashville to try and make it and figured it wasn't going to happen and are now doing all the other mundane every day jobs that the rest of us do.

I am going to mention two acts that you must see when you are in town or anywhere they happen to be. They really are the only two acts that can get me out of the house.

1. The Steeldrivers
They are listed as a bluegrass band and I guess technically that is what they are, but they have a cool fusion thing going on with the blues. Absolutely a must see.

2. Nashville Fab
Okay, it helps if you are a Beatles fan (and really, who isn't?) These guys are Nashville songwriters, producers, singers, and session players mostly in the country genre of course. But they are hands down one of the best Beatles cover bands you will ever hear. They love what they are doing and it shows. The female bass player is one of the best session musicians anywhere. All the musicianship is top notch.

Some day I am going to post on how much I think American Idol is destroying everything we have loved about American music.

My favorite sports teams

In this blog I will be commenting on my favorite sports teams which would be the Louisville Cardinals and the Tennessee Titans. So to start that off I see that Albert Haynesworth of the Titans signed a whopping 100 million deal with the Redskins. Haynesworth, if not the best defensive tackle in football,then he's right next to it. He's virtually unblockable without double teaming him and that doesn't stop him most of the time.

I figured Haynesworth would bolt. Didn't see old daddy Adams busting the bank cause he hasn't done it in the past. So it figures that Kerry Collins will be leaving also.

The Titans blew their best chance to get back to the Super Bowl in probably quite a while when they choked against Baltimore who they had already beated earlier in the season. Steve Fisher's ball control offense is made to suffer when the it doesn't play turnover free because there just isn't enough quick strike ability to overcome it. This played out to perfection against the Ravens with the two disastrous fumbles on scoring drives.

Let's face it, if it wasn't for divine intervention with the Music City Miracle the Titans would never have made the Super Bowl in 1999 and would be labeled the chokers they have been. Twice with home field advantage thoughout the playoffs they've taken the gas.

Barack NoBama

One thing I always hate is when I go to one of my favorite blogs that has nothing to do with politics and the jerk running the blog would always throw in some Bush bashing nonsense. Well, since I clearly state that I will comment on anything that catches my fancy, I'm going to shove the political crap back at YOU!

NOBama please in 2012. End the madness.

Whew! feel so much better.

Long time

Wow, I haven't been on this for such a long time. I am sick of waiting for someone with common sense to finally give the okay for the remastered Beatles catalogue.

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